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Where is Atlantis?

Where is Atlantis?



The location of Atlantis?

Archeologists are searching all over the world for the lost Continent of Atlantis. This mythical land which Plato extensively described in his Critias and Timaeus dialogues. The only recorded source for Atlantis that we currently know of. However, be aware, that thousands of documents were lost in the fire that destroyed the Great Library of Alexandria in the first century BCE, for many of which there were no other copies. And the Roman Catholic Church had the nasty habit of destroying documents for which it did not want its flock to have access too. So there may have many been other references to Atlantis that have been lost to history. Only recently has the world become aware of “lost” Gospels by Mary Magdalene, Peter and even Judas. Not to mention, ancient scrolls that tell us about early Christianity that do not jell with current dogma. 


It was stated that Plato received his information from Solon and Solon was given this material from Egyptian priests. There may still be material referring to Atlantis within Egyptian hieroglyphs and these could be staring archeologists in the face, yet they do not see it. Mainly because mainstream archeology refuses to accept the possibility that Atlantis existed just as they did Troy. 

Ever since Heinrich Schliemann discovered the remains of Troy, the possibility that Atlantis might too be uncovered has heightened the race to be the first to be its discoverer. And there are archeological sites in many places, where the archeologists involved, firmly believe their site may be the actual location of the fabled Atlantis. 

Plato specifically stated that it was an Island Continent larger than Libya and Asia Minor combined. Now I don't know if you have ever looked at a map of Libya and Asia Minor but that would be a large land mass, especially since Plato did not elaborate on how much larger Atlantis actually was. Sort of like saying a horse is larger than a mouse and cat combined. This comparison doesn't really tell you how actually large Atlantis was, just gives an approximation. This is probably because Plato did not actually know the full dimensions of the lost Continent and only knew that it was very large. 

So what does this tell us about the location of the lost continent? We know it was a large land mass and that it was west of the Pillars of Hercules (what is now referred to as the Straits of Gibraltar). 

We also know that the world's ocean levels were much lower 12,000 years ago. Up to 300-500 feet. Many areas that are submerged today would have been far above water 12,000 years ago. There are many locations today that would be much larger in land area at the time of Atlantis, but none of them come close to the size of Plato's description. That is primarily because the entire continent sank into the ocean in a single night. Notice the distinction between sank and exploded. Krakatoa exploded. Thera exploded. Mt St Helens exploded. Nowhere does Plato imply any volcanic connection. This has always been assumed by fanciful writers on the subject of Atlantis. The operative word is “sank” or “disappeared” into the sea. Much as saying a ship sank into the sea and a ship exploded. Two entirely different causalities for disappearance. 

So what could cause an entire continent to sink into the sea? Well it could be a matter of perspective. One giant tidal wave could sweep over it and remove much of the upper portion, but this same tidal wave would also do the same to most of the rest of the Earth's surface. What if Atlantis' sinking caused the tidal wave? This would explain why there is such a Universal commonality for the Great Flood mythos.

A land mass the size and volume of Atlantis suddenly sinking into the ocean would displace a tremendous volume of water. Thus, creating a tidal wave of colossal proportions, one several miles high. This Gigantic tidal wave would race around the water volume of the world's oceans affecting every seaside location and quite a few deep into the interior sites as well. Such a rare and unusual event would be seared on human memory, forever.

What could cause an entire continent to suddenly sink into the sea? What could cause two 110 story skyscrapers to suddenly collapse? Their support structure became non-existent. The steel that held up the weight of those two buildings could no longer support them. Is this why Atlantis sank into the sea? Something was supporting the continent above the water line and it suddenly disappeared within a single day. What could cause such a catastrophe? Have you ever seen what happens to a Styrofoam cup if you add an acid to it? It completely dissolves. Something was supporting the weight of the continent that couldn't hold up that weight anymore. Just as in the World Trade Center towers, Atlantis collapsed to the depth of the ocean. This collapse practically destroyed all remnants of the advanced civilization upon the continent, but not remnants located elsewhere, especially in high places.

So where is the location of the Lost Continent? There is only one place in the Atlantic Ocean that makes any sense.

The Sargasso Sea.

Hot Red area indicates the approx.area of Sargasso Sea

This Sea is considered to be a very strange area. Seaweed covers the entire location to great depths and all the ocean currents flow around it as if these currents remember that something used to be there. Sailors avoid it because there are little, if any, wind currents there and sailing ships would get stuck inside this area: unable to get out. The size and location of the Sargasso Sea would also fit Plato's description of Atlantis' size and location...almost exactly. What could we find if we could look at the bottom of the Sargasso Sea?

Nothing. Except a huge pile of rubble

When Atlantis sank into the sea it did not go as one piece but as millions (like the two towers, each turning into a dust cloud) which sank at different rates with monstrous impact. All we would find is rubble. No temples, pillars, roads, skeletons, artworks, writing or any other artifacts. Possibly a few pottery shards but little else. This is because what was supporting Atlantis was in everything made there and when it completely dissolved so did most everything else of substance. The only probability is that artifacts from Atlantis will be discovered elsewhere, either in one of its numerous colonies or where Atlantis traded some of its goods.

However, a massive pile of rubble at the bottom of the Sargasso Sea would be very difficult to explain in archeological terms. There is no current geological reason for a massive pile of rubble the size of Atlantis to exist in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The only reason would be an unexplainable one.

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