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unicornPalFarnese painting probably by Domenico Zampieri, c. 1602 (Palazzo Farnese, Rome) from Wikipedia

During my Shamanic journeying, I have, at different times, been privileged enough to have encountered Unicorns. 

It appears to me indeed that many people at this time are encountering these entities, so I believe their increased presence must signal something significant for the Earth: the question is though – what?

To encounter a Unicorn, a person must find a place of true love in their heart. Unicorns have many traits and characteristics, and they mean many things to different people. Generally speaking though, the presence of a Unicorn during a nature spirit encounter symbolises the shifts in spiritual consciousness taking place at the time, and the joining of nature and human energies via the lemniscate. All of these lemniscate connections lead to Oneness between all things; timelessness, and ultimately Source.

The Unicorn is a powerful 5th dimensional entity which connects humans to the realm of nature spirits, as well as to the Spirit World itself. It is composed of pure white lemniscate energy, and aims to live in Oneness and timelessness with its nature spirit cousins. It is a powerful entity that helps bridge the gap between the higher dimensional realms of spiritual consciousness and the denser 3rd dimensional realm of most human beings on earth. Seeing a group of Unicorns suggests that an individual’s consciousness is increasing at a faster than usual pace, and that the dimensional gap between humanity and the Spirit World is also decreasing at a faster than usual rate. The Unicorn seeks to connect to humans at the same time as it aspires to rise through the nature spirit hierarchy to find Source. It connects to all nature spirits, humans and higher ranked devas by the use of three dimensional lemniscate energy.

The typical human perception of a Unicorn is of a white horse with a protruding solid horn positioned between its eyes. Unicorns have also sometimes been said to have a white flowing mane, a lion’s tail, a small white beard on their chin, powerful wings and strong goat-like hooves. All of these characteristics have spiritual significance. 

The Unicorn represents freedom from the ego-centred, 3rd dimensional lust for money, status and wealth. It has the ability to assist humans on their journey to the higher dimensions and Source, the 12th Monadic dimension. Once the Unicorn has helped someone to cross the dimensional divide from the 3rd to the 5th, it will take them on a speedy journey towards the higher echelons of the Spirit World. The Unicorn’s colour (white) is of spiritual significance. It indicates its strong, mystical and divine connection to nature, humans and Source, via pure white lemniscate energy. Its long flowing mane represents the many energy strands that are part of the spiritual connections between all these spiritual dimensions. The lion’s tail epitomises strength, to steer both it and the person it has connected to in the proper direction towards nature and Source. The hooves of the Unicorn denote the sure-footedness of this energy being, allowing it and the observer to remain firm and focused during their spiritual journey, and yet grounded whilst doing so. The small white beard signifies spiritual maturity, especially for the human being concerned. It indicates that they have left behind the old ways of the 3rd dimension, and that they are now spiritually ready to embrace the Oneness of 5th dimensional consciousness.

Whilst elves, fairies and other nature spirits can integrate energy from the human chakra system with their own to assume either male or female personas, the Unicorn is so spiritually powerful (akin to a deva) that it appears wholly androgynous. In the same way, unicorns never really display any traits that suggest their age. If a person views the Unicorn to be a particular gender or age then this only happens due to energy strands from the human chakra system at work, and its particular perception of the unicorn’s qualities.

If the Unicorn has wings, these symbolise their ability to spiritually ‘fly’ a person anywhere during their moment of Oneness. They, like other winged entities such as dragons and devas, have the ability to inspire in a person a great sense of freedom, encouraging them to take a new spiritual direction in life. Although Unicorns are mainly found in a nature setting, they can fly an individual to any 5th dimensional landscape at any time (such as mystical deserts or mountainous regions) where they can discover important information about their current, future or past lives.

The Unicorn only eats green plants and vegetables. This food embodies pure energy from nature, as well as from its own dimensional realm and the human chakra system it connects to.

In folklore, the blood of the Unicorn was said to help heal and cure poisons. The blood of any creature (whether 5th dimensional or other) symbolises the source of all life within that creature. Since the Unicorn is a powerful lemniscate energy being, its healing properties are vast. The blood of the Unicorn is the very source of its healing powers, so it therefore possesses powerful and magical healing properties. The (metaphoric) act of drinking a Unicorn’s blood during an encounter symbolises that the person is receiving an instantaneous and intense healing. This would only ever occur with the permission of the Unicorn itself, however, and only in extremely exceptional circumstances.

Definitely the most recognisable trait of the Unicorn is its coiled-shaped horn (sometimes called an Alicorn). The horn is simply a metaphoric representation of the lemniscate energy that connects this beautiful entity to humans and the Spirit World. It is positioned on the Unicorn’s ‘third eye’, denoting its ability to transcend and connect to different spiritual dimensions. If the horn of the Unicorn is seen to grow during an encounter, it signifies that the unicorn is forging a greater spiritual connection within its own spiritual hierarchy, and that it is seeking to increase its spiritual consciousness on its journey towards Source.  The horn is also a solid phenomenon, denoting the firm, concentrated lemniscate power of pure love, Oneness and timelessness experienced by both entities (human/nature) during a nature spirit encounter.

The base of the Unicorn’s horn is positioned between its two eyes, which indicates that it has the ability to extend lemniscate energy from its third eye, with wonderful and magical healing properties. In literature, it has been claimed that many humans in the past have gone in search of the Unicorn’s horn, mainly to receive its magical healing properties. However, what they were really seeking was the powerful, three-dimensional lemniscate energy comprised of pure love and light. This is what all humans seek, because it reminds them that they are really a spiritual entity that originated in the Spirit World – and it is here they will all return to some day.  If a person is seeking a healing during their encounter with a Unicorn, they can ask the Unicorn’s permission to touch its horn, but again, it is at the Unicorn’s discretion whether or not they allow this to occur.

Increased Unicorn sightings are a sign of good times ahead. These wonderful, magical entities are here to help shift us from the old, ego preoccupations of the 3rd dimension, to the 5th dimensional consciousness of Oneness.


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People in this conversation

  • Guest - Elena

    Thanks this is beautiful, just what I needed to hear! Many blessing. Love & Light!

    from Sedona, AZ, USA
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  • Guest - issa

    Unicorn's presence has come up multiple times recently while I am being challenged to the core. Me vs. My spirit battle which will change my life and others around me. I am in constant turmoil. After reading this, I realized that everything is more than ok. Thank you so very much.

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  • Thank you for the beautiful information about the Unicorn.
    I was teaching a class the other evening and we were working with animal energies, feeling them and watching them over-shadow each others energy fields. Because there was an odd number of students I joined in and paired with one of the students. When my partner observed me and a white Unicorn joined my energy and over-shadowed my energetic field. My partner was speechless, when we had finished and it took her a while to share what she had experienced, she saw the Unicorn in all it's glory and felt so much love she said it nearly knocked her off her chair. My own experience was one of pure, unconditional and very powerful love, a complete connection to the Creator. If that's what it will be like living in Unity in the 4th/5th Dimension then please let it happen now. Much gratitude and love from my Heart to you all xXx

    from United Kingdom
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  • Guest - Unicorn love

    I think this is a magnificent well written article.

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  • hi i had a dream months ago and i saw three or four unicorns running in circles. One of the unicorns run towards me and it touched me. Immediately, it feels like I was being transformed. Then I saw a crown and a purple stone on the floor. I quickly picked them up and run away. Then I woke up.

    What is your interpretations on the unicorn, the purple stone and the crown?

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  • Guest - Besipho

    Hi there, thanks for the blog. I did a meditation/healing session and came across a white unicorn and we bathed together in a lake full of (nuggets) gold. It was quite strange. Strangest yet, the unicorn took me on its back to get out of the lake without me holding to it. I just lie there on its back. It was white with a gold horn. I am still trying to find out the meaning of it and your article is helping. Thanks and regards.

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  • Guest - admin

    In reply to: Guest - Besipho

    Hi, many thanks for your message; an interesting encounter.
    Bathing in a lake full of gold nuggats signifies you have an extremely well-balanced and wealthy emotional perspective on life at the moment. This very happy and positive viewpoint within your psyche has allowed or attracted the white unicorn to take you to a greater height of spiritual awareness. It is on this journey that you will encounter many varied things which will include Oneness within yourself and with the universe. Not having to hold onto the unicorn indicates your journey will be fast and smooth. I do not have enough information to inform you where this journey will take you, but it metaphorically (and maybe literally) seems to be be a place filled with riches, wealth and spiritual power. The gold alicorn incates a powerful, sharp and steep rise in consciousness energy; you are ascending pretty fast so hold on tight!
    I hope this helps a bit.

    Comment last edited on about 4 months ago by admin
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  • Guest - anna

    This morning I d i d a n a n g e l reading a b o u t my love & there were 2 unicorns in it!

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  • Guest - Simone

    Hello. Today I pulled two angel cards from two different decks (I've recently been attracted to reading cards) and they both had unicorns on them. I immediately felt I had to look up the symbolism of unicorns and when I googled the topic, I clicked on this site.

    I'm so glad I did, as I never really knew anything about unicorns other than they were mythical creatures.

    I'm wondering, though, what significance the two unicorn cards may mean to me other than that I needed to learn more about them.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks :)

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  • HI Simone, thanks for your question. It is not impossible to pull 2 unicorn cards from 2 different decks though the probability is quite high.
    Esoterically or spiritually though, your energy may have latched onto them to simply present you with a message. Connecting to unicorn energy raises your awareness and slightly increases the consciousness of your soul to a greater level relative to where you were yesterday. This is why you have maybe been drawn to start reading cards; a new journey is about to begin - [I]if you choose it[/I]. The unicorn energy has appeared to inform you that it is waiting to facilitate you on this new path that you may well tread. The unicorn 'double-pick' is an emphasis that its higher energy 'knows' what you have already chosen to do, so it manifests with you at this time to fulfill what your inner soul desires. If you do decide to card read and see into the past and predict the future, ask the unicorns for help - you may well be surprised. Remember, a unicorn is just an energy vibrational link that allows your soul consciousness here on earth to contact and ask advice from your higher soul in a greater dimensional level. Ask, otherwise you will never know; ask all the questions that you need to discover about your true path here on earth. If you do this, then you will go on a journey that will change your life in so many ways.
    You did not say what else were on the unicorn cards so I cannot comment. If you read deeper into the article meanings, you may well see that all the characteristics of the unicorn are the same characteristics [I]you[/I] need to have on your future journey of card reading and more!
    Lots of luck to you and thanks again.

    Reply from Simone

    Hello, and thanks for your quick reply.

    The first card is titled Patience. There's a white unicorn in a small penned circle, and there are wild flowers all around it. The unicorn is on it's back legs with the front legs slightly off the ground.

    The second card is titled Triumphant. There's a tan coloured unicorn with a guardian angel on it's back and she's reaching upward. The unicorn is standing on it's back legs with the front legs at mid height. The background is blue with some white and reminds me of gently flowing water.

    If you'd care to share your thoughts, I'd appreciate it.

    Comment last edited on about 4 months ago by admin
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