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Intuitive Core Healing courses

Intuitive Core Healing courses

Training in Intuitive Core Healing is now available for therapists and healers who would like to develop and expand their understanding and skills in this way to help their clients on deeper levels.

Intuitive Core Healing is a new healing method that clears the blocks, negative beliefs, traumas and memories that are blocking and stopping us from becoming who we really are.
This brand new course gives you the knowledge and understanding of how to heal negative emotions, beliefs and blocks on deep levels and get to the core of them by using the ICH technique combined with your intuition.

By using this process of healing you will be able to rapidly and easily clear deeply held negative beliefs that are blocking us all.

With ICH you can intuitively connect to the client and ‘know’ what the underlying blocks are, often before they do which can be incredibly effective when the client is not able to see it for themselves. You can then take them through the process safely and simply.

A brief summary of the course:

Overview of psychic awareness, the principles and trusting your ability.

In depth understanding of core beliefs, emotions, pain, trauma and illness and how it all really works!

How the process of ICH works

How to find a core belief


 Personal Truth

The Practitioner’s Intention

On-going development

How to deal with problems that may occur.

Client Safety

Staying detached

And more!

It is important that you are already using your psychic and intuitive abilities to do this course.

How did ICH Develop?

Natalie has spent many years doing numerous courses, reading books looking for the missing pieces connected to healing the blocks we all have. She realised that many of the healing trainings available were too much about the teacher saying ‘you must do this my way’, and in some way were not as effective as they were supposed to be.

Having spent a very intense period of her life working on herself using a more painful therapy, in addition to other newer techniques that did not “feel quite right” either on herself or her clients, ICH was born!

Using her intuitive skills she realised that many of the techniques to find Core beliefs did not go deep enough. She also realised while working with her clients that there was negativity which goes back a long way in the person’s biological line. So she began to see that clearing in a much deeper way was necessary to be as effective as possible. It was also incredibly important for her to find the simplest and safest way of doing this.

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